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1-647-500-7861 Reviving Islamic Art is now Iman Home and Design

Our gallery showcases a variety of unique and creative Islamic calligraphy on various types of wood and stained glass. Each piece has an artistic element of its own, possessing character to enlighten any home, office or prayer room.

Contact us to discuss how we can customize a unique piece with your choice of calligraphy, wood and colour stain.

There is no need for further explanation. Browse at your leisure at our various styles of Islamic Calligraphy and inquire on any item listed.

Be sure to visit like our Facebook page for updates on our newest projects: Facebook

What we Do:

We have been designing and supplying quality Islamic art and calligraphy to the Muslim Community for over 10 years.

From celebrating a wedding or birth, to inviting the baraka of purchasing a new home; the presence of Islamically inspired calligraphy is a timeless gift, for all of life’s important occasions.

Please keep in mind that with every purchase you make, 10% will be donated to local community groups.

“Reviving Islamic Art” is pleased to be able to support local artists. If you would like to feature your work on our site, please contact us.

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